All those Shahrukh fans like me would remember that iconic song ‘Tauba tumhare ye ishare . . .’ from the movie ‘Chalte Chalte’, we are sure you would be awestruck by the Mesmerising location of that song. Well, it is set up in Santorini. Yes, Santorini the Greek island that will totally win your heart by its unmatched beauty that can captivate just anyone. If you are planning a Greek holiday, you must make a list of the things to do in Santorini. If you haven’t already, let us help you with it.

1. Witness a magical Santorini Sunset

Santorini is well known for it’s sunsets as they are so beautiful that it seems almost magical to see one. One can witness a captivating sunset from the famous Oia’s Byzantine Castle ruins that is one o the best places to capture a beautiful sunset. One can also visit the famous Akrotiri lighthouse to witness a sunset that you would remember for the rest of your life. Also, some people do it in the way that they book a restaurant table from where they can have the best food of Santorini while enjoying these magical views.

2. Enjoy a Cable Car Ride

Well, a cable car ride is another specialty of Santorini, you simply cannot miss a cable car ride while you are in the gorgeous Santorini. One can find three ways to go from Fira to Old port and one of them is a cable car ride. We would totally suggest you enjoy a cable car ride as it will help you make some beautiful memories that will last forever as the views are captivating and the thrill of being in a cable car adds up to that.

3. Have some fun time at a Concert at La Ponta in Akrotiri

Well, this is going to be a treat for all the music lovers. There is the famous La Ponta which happens in the 13th century Venetian Tower that happens to be in the famous castle of Akrotiri. One can also witness the Tsampouna exhibition that features the Greek folk wind instrument which is of the bagpipe family. One would truly have fun visiting this place and listening to some great music being here as you enjoy the amalgam of the ancient and contemporary sounds that will win your heart.

4. Be a spectator to the real Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the most beautiful places in Greece, some 2,000 years ago, there was a volcanic eruption that happened in Santorini that totally ate up the middle of the island that was submerged in the ocean, this island is now thought of to be the home of the legend of Atlantis. The volcanic eruption that occurred here happens to be the biggest eruptions in the world that occurred in 1,600 BC.

5. Witness the magic of capital Fira

Fira happens to be the capital city of Santorini, this tiny place will provide you with some captivating views, some beautiful churches that will stay etched in your heart forever. One can also visit the famous Archaeological Museum of Thera where you can get a sneak peek into the glorious past of Santorini.

6. Spend some time in the stunning quiet Paros villages

Paros villages are so close to the edge of the Caldera, one would find a lot of tiny places in this village. This village houses less than 1,000 people. However, it is no less on beauty, you can click thousands of pictures for your social media being here.

7. Enjoy sailing near Santorini

Your trip to Santorini cannot be completed without you having some good time on the boat as you enjoy touring the island. One would witness some good parts of the bay and have some good time diving in the sea that will be the highlight of your Santorini trip!
So, these are some of the best things to do in Santorini as this will give you some of the best memories to cherish forever as you embark on a journey to one of the most beautiful places in the world- Santorini. So, these things should get added in your bucket list just now!
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