Is it hard for you to decide on one of the wonderful wedding dresses that you have tried? Is it easier to choose from the wide range of wedding invitations to send to family and friends? Or maybe your weak point is to opt for one of the wedding details for your guests? If everything is a little complicated, imagine what can happen when you think about the honeymoon. Do you want to discover a unique destination? Do not miss the Santorini Greece honeymoon. There are those who consider that to enjoy honeymoon it is necessary to cross half the world, but the truth is that you do not have to go far to find wonderful destinations. If you want to enjoy your honeymoon in Santorini then it is the most beautiful place on the planet.
Santorini honeymoon packages are the ideal destination for those who want to leave behind the monotony, either during a short break or for a well-deserved vacation.
Santorini honeymoon packages are great for you if you want to spend quality with your life partner. The island of Mykonos is known as the Ibiza of the Greek Islands for its stunning beaches and busy nightlife. You cannot miss visiting what is known as little Venice for its houses located on the seashore, the castle district with its medieval buildings and the House of Lena.

For super romantic couples, Santorini honeymoon packages are best because the island of Santorini is an archipelago formed by volcanic islands. In the neighbourhood of Oia, in Fira, it’s capital, you will enjoy Santorini Greece honeymoon with your couple like you never did before. Santorini honeymoon is the perfect place for couples who just got married. You cannot miss:

  1. One of the charms of the island of Santorini is its bay:
  2. A large volcanic caldera. To visit if you have to go down from Thira by cable car or car to the port area. Once there, they will take you by boat to the caldera and … enjoy paradise!

  3. Stay in a hotel with views on the island of Santorini:
  4. It is worth investing in a hotel with charm in the upper area of the island, where you can spend the afternoon contemplating spectacular views of the caldera and the sea. Remember that you have to choose well the accommodation of a trip as special as the one you are about to live, in the same way, that you put all your attention in the choice of decoration ideas for honeymoon or in that wonderful and romantic selection of songs.

  5. The area is excellent if you fancy enjoying a few days with the family:
  6. It even has interesting places, such as Santorini Water Park, where people of all ages will have a great time.You have to go to the beautiful public beaches near Santorini. Opinions indicate that Red Beach and Playa Blanca are the favourites of locals and tourists. You should also go to Playa de Perissa or Playa de Perivolos, both of which enjoy great prestige.

  7. In Santorini, there is a special place for you surrounded by flora and fauna, where you can contemplate amazing scenarios. Do not hesitate to visit Playa de Baxedes, Palea Volcano and Penon de Skaros, three of the most renowned natural parks in Santorini.

    The natural history museums, such as the Archaeological Museum, in Santorini, are an ideal destination for the followers of the natural world. Another of the outstanding points of interest that this destination offers you is Thera Prehistoric Museum, whose captivating natural collection will captivate you.

  8. Art occupies a prominent place in Santorini because local talent is excellently manifested in the works exhibited. Art Space Art Centre Santorini is one of those captivating places that you will not want to miss in this destination.
  9. While you are in Santorini, take the opportunity to visit the historical Museum of Folklore of Santorini to discover the roots of this destination. There you will have the possibility of knowing fantastic pieces of the legacy of this destination.
  10. During your visit to Santorini honeymoon, organize a walk through one of its fantastic historical sites. Ancient Thira and Antigua Akrotiri are two very attractive places. If you still have time, visit also Venetian Tower La Ponta, another beautiful place that has witnessed the history of this region.
  11. If you are visiting Santorini, you can plan a walk through one of its castles and other walled structures. In order to admire the chronology and the nobles that inhabited these lands, you can visit Oia Castle.

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