Do you wish to get married in Greece? But you would like to spend some days with your best of friends with a great bachelor party. The best places in Greece for bachelor parties where you can have fun by combining wild nightlife with great sightseeing of historical sites, cultural opportunities, and great beaches. The Greek islands are famous around the world. Not just the beaches are stunning and have crystal waters, but the nightlife is crazy and you can party endlessly. The best places in Greece for bachelor parties are Athens, Mykonos, Paros, IOS, and many others. And the best part is you can always take the ferry from one island to the other to not miss a thing!


Athens is one of the best places in Greece for bachelor parties. Due to its great variety of bars with all types of music and bar-crawl during an endless and vivid nightlife. Also, you can enjoy other things in Athens such as the sightseeing, strolling through the well-preserved districts of the Old Town, explore the artistic beauty of the city, experience the new cultures and get acquainted with the captivating ancient history of Greece that was the structure of the Western civilization.


Mykonos is both: a beautiful romantic island, where many Greek wedding ceremonies take place, and it is also the most popular destination for its remarkable nightlife. Every beach has a bar to party all night long and DJ’s who are world-class in organizing top events. One of the most famous clubs worldwide is Cavo Paradiso. The beach bars often are transformed into electrifying nightclubs with go-go dancers and exotic cocktails. While Mykonos Town also has many bars and clubs to offer, where the night lasts until dawn or even later in the morning. So, before your wedding think about spending some time with your friends there. So that you will be well prepared for your married life!


The nightlife in Paros is perfect and is the best place in Greece for bachelors parties. It is a place for People who want to feel the energy of an island, where young people meet each other and become a company after a few drinks. Parikia and Naousa have a wide range of bars and clubs for everybody’s taste. While Pounda Beach has a great beach bar, where all the party mongers dance and the alcohol flow is abundant.


Ios is the fourth island of the Cyclades, after Athens, Mykonos, and Paros, which can offer its visitors fascinating moments and some endless fun. Young people and of course men and women together would want to celebrate the forthcoming Greek wedding. You can find Ios amongst the best places in Greece for bachelor parties. There are a number of bars, clubs, Irish pubs, karaoke bars and discos in the narrow lanes of the Chora, and the only thing you can do is party. If you want to follow the attitude of the island, then there is no better place than Ios for a bachelor party.


Rhodes is a big island, which satisfies everybody’s taste for partying. It is a delightful destination for family vacations, for your wedding in Greece, your honeymoon or even is one of the best places in Greece for bachelor party. Faliraki is the best place for party animals of every nation. There, you can forget about everything, and great alcohol will make your people feel happy and ready for enjoyment. The new Town of Rhodes has also some of the nicest bars if you are looking for something calmer.


The joyful atmosphere, the warm welcome, best global music, and outstanding cocktails attract people from across the world. They dance from the early evening until the wee hours of the morning and have a wonderful time. These are the best places in Greece for bachelor parties that you will cherish after your marriage.
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