Greece is the ultimate romantic destination due to its amazing weather and off-season discounts! Travelling to Greece in December offers a great ambience, light crowd, amazing air quality in Athens, and entertaining and exciting Christmas pageantry.

Christmas in Greece

Holidays in Greece are quite special and if its December, it will entail the celebrations for Christmas. It starts with the feast of St. Nicholas on December 6, where the natives exchange gifts. When compared to other European countries, celebrations in Greece is a bit different, they have subtle and solemn parties, family gatherings are given much more importance. There are not many commercial celebrations as tourists are accustomed to seeing the light and breezy Christmas.

What is the likely in Greece weather in December?

Greece is a wonderful nation with boundaries being the oceans, and hence the cities endure tropical climate in December. It has a cold temperature in almost all the places, but if you are lucky, you can encounter excellent opportunity to enjoy the sunshine with scattered crowds at the conventional tourist attractions and on the islands of Greece.

Geographical influences

The location of Greece is in south-east Europe among several sunny islands. The country encompasses between the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea. Greece sports a traditional Meditteranean climate that prefers colder temperatures to the region in December. It is the wettest period of the yearly cycle, therefore you must carry a waterproof jacket to save yourself from the rain and have a seamless tour. The coastal neighbourhoods and famous vacation retreats are less congested in December and enjoy insignificantly temperate climate than the hilly areas.


In December, where you are residing will explain your experience. The overall temperature is about 12-degree Celsius in the daytime. Moreover, at night temperatures drop down to a great level. It will require a jacket if you want to explore the cities and tour at night. Sightseeing in the sunshine is what you can do, which lasts for about 9 hours and has an average humidity estimating nearly 75%. Winds are mild in the city but around the coastal areas, it has exceptional velocity. Due to the highest amount of rainfall, people must carry a raincoat in December when in Greece.

Cities and Islands to Enjoy at Greece weather in December

Athens and Santorini are highly visited places in Greece now. These two cities are always featured in movies and series. It has led them to be the hottest cities to travel for couples. The city Santorini has beautiful islands and small houses, sightseeing will never be complete. It is as enjoyable and serene nature will keep you spellbound. In December, it is the best time to visit Santorini, as they have ample hotels and eateries to satisfy the tourists. If we talk about Athens, then it is a city to travel almost all around the year.

If you are planning to travel to Greece in December, then make sure you a track of the weather. Do not let climate ruin your travel mindset and excitement.

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