Flying to Greece and Turkey could be on your agenda for a long time. The picturesque sites amazing jaw-dropping view of the mountains and the remarkable Aegean and Ionian Seas. Greece and Turkey promote their beauty and treasures. And many people from Mumbai would want to visit this dream destination. Anybody looking for Greece Turkey tours from Mumbai can contact a professional or expert who knows the countries inside out. The travel agencies offer attractive discounts on Greece Turkey tours from Mumbai.

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Greece is much more than we have learned and seen in the photos with beautiful sunsets and golden sandy beaches. While turkey is a crossroad of colors and cultures; you will get a feeling of the strength of History and the warmth of the southern extremes of Europe and you realize the evolutionary course of thought, experience, and influence. Istanbul is the most visited city in Turkey. This city connects Europe and Asia. There are numerous domes, historic landscapes, museums in Istanbul which are worth visiting. Discover sunny Greece and relish the food in Athens, the sweeping views of the Greek Islands (Santorini), the nightlife in Mykonos or the history in Crete. Turkey’s beaches are not to be missed either, which is why many travelers choose to visit Antalya. If you’d like to explore more about Turkey’s history, then there are Istanbul and Ankara. Both cities are astounding to start learning. Once you travel to Greece and Turkey, you will enjoy all the sightseeing queries will be taken care of. So, you need not worry and choose the best travel agency.

Highpoints of the Greece Turkey Glimpse

Commence your alluring journey of Greece and Turkey with the stunning city of Athens. Enjoy the popular sightseeing of Athens starting with the Acropolis Museum to the constitution square (Syntagma), Panathenaic stadium, national library and Golden age of Athens with the excellent introduction of this fascinating city from the experienced guides. After discovering the history of Athens, you can explore the beauty of Santorini by the exciting and beautiful ride from a ferry. Cruise around Santorini to Nea Kameni Volcano and the nearby island of Thirasia and also visit the best places on the Island.

Moving on towards the Istanbul, where you will Cruise along the Bosporus and perceive the quaint beauty of the ancient wooden mansions, places of marbles, fortresses and small fishing villages. Proceed towards the city tour your first visit will be at Sultanahmet Mosque prominent for its blue and magnificent tiles and then the Hippodrome well-known center of Byzantine civic life. Along with discovering the myths of this fantastic city take some memories from the famous Grand Bazaar, whose rich and antique collection provoke even non-shoppers to shop. Catch this marvelous experience with the Greece and Turkey package.

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Greece is a country of beautiful inconsistencies, a continuous trip in time, from the present to the past and back again. The routes through the olive groves, the inspiring archaeological sites; attractive clusters of the islands, golden beaches, the view of the mountains and breathtaking scenery to explore. In Greece the series of images is not just an imagination; it is an absolute reality. Turkey is quite famous for its pristine beauty. The country showcases the culture and heritage of two different continents. It has many cruises sailing through different cities and neighboring countries like Greece. You will treasure visiting Greece and Turkey for the rest of your life.
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