Do you stay in Kolkata and have always wanted to visit Greece? You have heard so much about various Greece tourist destinations that you have been contemplating visiting but have never really gotten a chance to make the required arrangements for it. Sometimes, it may be that you do not know much about the fare and processes required. However, if you still want to go to Greece, here is your chance!
There are various Greece tour packages from Kolkata that you can check out with us. These tours include various advantages and even save you from spending additional costs that might have been incurred in the process. Our Greece tour packages cater to your safety and every other part of the journey. The best part is that they are quite affordable and their prices aren’t as high as you may think.

1. Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini

This is a Greece tour package from Kolkata which allows you to explore one of the most ancient cities in Greece – Athens and also one of the most lively and romantic places – Santorini. There are museums to visit, parties to attend and fun for the number of days that you are there. The experience is one you are sure not to forget easily as we will make it memorable.

2. Athens, Greece and Istanbul, Turkey

Do you know it’s possible for you to explore Turkey along with Greece? All you have to do is go for a Greece tour package from Kolkata with airfare and it will cover all the transportation that may be required. Also, know that other than many of the land tours and adventures, we will provide you with cruising fun too as you will be able to visit the Saronic Island, the Poros Island and even the Hydra.

3. Athens, Delphi-Meteora, and Santorini

This is another Greece tour package from Kolkata that you can also enjoy with us. It covers Athens, Delphi-Meteora, and Santorini. For this trip too, you are sure to have fun as the package covers all that you may need if you go for the Greece tour package from Kolkata with airfare. The transportation from Athens to Delphi, the entrance fee required at Delphi for the tour, a tour guide and even accommodation will all be covered.

4. Greece and Italy

Yes! Another exclusive tour package that you can get from Kolkata is a trip which covers your journey from Greece to various other interesting places such as Santorini, Rome and Venice. Sounds fun right? It is! You are going to have lots of fun exploring and meeting a lot of other people. The journey also is on land. So, rest assured that you won’t be missing any possible sightseeing ground worth checking out!
For various packages that take you right from Kolkata to Greece, go for our Greece tour packages from Kolkata with airfare. All you have to do is pay and pack while we see to your comfort on the trip! Talk to our consultant today!
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