Honeymoon is that sweet time when a newly wed couple explores each other. Its the sweet time when two souls really become one. Greece and Italy are one of the finest destinations that a love struck couple can visit. It also makes complete sense to go for Greece and Italy Honeymoon package from India. Indians do love to have some good time together.

Italy is only about 1,065 km away from Greece which means you can always fix a visit to both together. What package is best to do that? Well for that read the blog post and get in touch with us. We will let you know everything about it in person.

There is nothing better than Greece and Italy honeymoon packages for the newly wed

Greece and Italy are the two destinations which can really kindle the joy of together hood. Visiting these two countries for honeymoon will prove to be one of the best decisions of your life.

1. Venice

Talking about romance? Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Italy. It offers you various attractions that helps you to appreciate beauty even more. In Venice, you get to be closer to your partner as you share various memorable and exciting times together. With our Greece and Italy honeymoon packages from India, your honeymoon is simply going to be nothing short of amazing.

2. Santorini

Want a dreamy and relaxing honeymoon? Then opt for Santorini. As a new couple it’s a location in Greece you definitely should not miss out on. With your partner, you get to wander and lost yourselves in the moment. Santorini is just the place to bond while starting your new life. It’s simply astonishing!

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3. Terni

Another romance location that will offer you awesome honeymoon experience in Italy is Terni. There, the story of St. Valentine took place. And of course, this makes it even more a ground for romance. The town is simply a cool place for a bounding honeymoon.

4. Mykonos

While being on honeymoon with your partner could be interesting, you may need to also get out. Which is why Mykonos is on the list. Here, you can attend all the parties and events that you wish to without restrains. There are bars, nightclubs, cocktails and lots of parties to attend. With us, your Greece and Italy honeymoon package will get even better.

5. Verona

Looking for a fun trip to a location that maybe related to the story of lovers? Then Verona is the spot or you. Verona is known for the balcony of the lovers Romeo and Juliet. For your honeymoon, it will be nothing but an awesome experience. Get one of our Greece and Italy honeymoon packages from India and let us do all the planning for your getaway.

6. Hydra

Want a quiet honeymoon getaway in Greece? Then you should choose the Hydra. The Hydra is a quiet island in Greece. There, means of transportation like cars aren’t allowed. So, it sure is quiet there. Additionally, the atmosphere is nothing but fresh and natural with clean air. To top it all, it’s simply romantic!

Reach out to us for Greece and Italy honeymoon packages from India. The Greece and Italy honeymoon packages are of various types and they cover different things. We plan the Greece and Italy honeymoon packages so that they are affordable while still the best!
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