Greece and Italy Honeymoon Packages

Greece and Italy Honeymoon Packages

Honeymoon is that sweet time when a newly wed couple explores each other. Its the sweet time when two souls really become one. Greece and Italy are one of the finest destinations that a love struck couple can visit. It also makes complete sense to go for Greece and Italy Honeymoon package from India. Indians do love to have some good time together.

Italy is only about 1,065 km away from Greece which means you can always fix a visit to both together. What package is best to do that? Well for that read the blog post and get in touch with us. We will let you know everything about it in person.

There is nothing better than Greece and Italy honeymoon packages for the newly wed

Greece and Italy are the two destinations which can really kindle the joy of together hood. Visiting these two countries for honeymoon will prove to be one of the best decisions of your life.

1. Venice

Talking about romance? Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Italy. It offers you various attractions that helps you to appreciate beauty even more. In Venice, you get to be closer to your partner as you share various memorable and exciting times together. With our Greece and Italy honeymoon packages from India, your honeymoon is simply going to be nothing short of amazing.

2. Santorini

Want a dreamy and relaxing honeymoon? Then opt for Santorini. As a new couple it’s a location in Greece you definitely should not miss out on. With your partner, you get to wander and lost yourselves in the moment. Santorini is just the place to bond while starting your new life. It’s simply astonishing!

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3. Terni

Another romance location that will offer you awesome honeymoon experience in Italy is Terni. There, the story of St. Valentine took place. And of course, this makes it even more a ground for romance. The town is simply a cool place for a bounding honeymoon.

4. Mykonos

While being on honeymoon with your partner could be interesting, you may need to also get out. Which is why Mykonos is on the list. Here, you can attend all the parties and events that you wish to without restrains. There are bars, nightclubs, cocktails and lots of parties to attend. With us, your Greece and Italy honeymoon package will get even better.

5. Verona

Looking for a fun trip to a location that maybe related to the story of lovers? Then Verona is the spot or you. Verona is known for the balcony of the lovers Romeo and Juliet. For your honeymoon, it will be nothing but an awesome experience. Get one of our Greece and Italy honeymoon packages from India and let us do all the planning for your getaway.

6. Hydra

Want a quiet honeymoon getaway in Greece? Then you should choose the Hydra. The Hydra is a quiet island in Greece. There, means of transportation like cars aren’t allowed. So, it sure is quiet there. Additionally, the atmosphere is nothing but fresh and natural with clean air. To top it all, it’s simply romantic!

Reach out to us for Greece and Italy honeymoon packages from India. The Greece and Italy honeymoon packages are of various types and they cover different things. We plan the Greece and Italy honeymoon packages so that they are affordable while still the best!
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Santorini Greece Honeymoon Packages

Santorini Greece Honeymoon Packages

Each time you will visit Santorini, you will find some new things to do. For honeymooners and newlywed couples, you might want to know some lovable things to do in Greece, Right? Well, things to do are plenty and you will certainly fall short of time. Even in terms of Santorini Greece Honeymoon packages, you can avail some of the most lucrative ones if you do a bit of research.
Well, exploring Santorini Island from the first glance, you can get a whole new picturesque of the entire Aegean Sea along with red volcanoes. Even more, you can take your loved one and have a walk in the Oia village which is filled with serene and ecstatic vibes.

Grabbing the best things to do in Santorini, let’s take you onto a journey of some brilliant Cliff jumping and make you fall with your partner, a little more.

Things to Do in Santorini

1. Jump Off in the Mediterranean Sea

Dive and swim in the Mediterranean sea with your soulmate and enjoy splashes of blue crystal clear water. Quite a hidden spot, you will get complete privacy where sounds and people definitely stop at the very edge of this sea.

Once, you reach this iconic and isolated place, there is certainly no way back before diving into the sea. In your Santorini Greece Honeymoon package from India, you will have to include Mediterranean Sea Jump-off and cherish the experience, at least once in your lifetime.

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2. Catching a glimpse of the Sunset

Admit it, almost every one of us likes to catch a glimpse of the sunset with our loved ones. The breathtaking view of Oia is stunning and nothing can be more soothing than to see the sunset from your naked eyes.

All you need is to climb 300 steps, spend 15-20 minutes and reach the apex to witness the epic sunset. Usually, the sunset happens between 5:00 to 5:30 PM whereas the spot gets filled with honeymooners. Better go before time, spend some time with your partner and cherish the iconic view, with grace and comfort.

3. Get to the top of Skaros Rock

Nothing can be more exciting than being with your life partner at the highest peak of a mountain. Having its connection with the Aegean sea, you can witness crystal clear water and summing it up with a cool breeze, it’s one of the best mesmerizing experiences.

Though, you must be careful while climbing up the rock as no safety measures are present at any point in time. Giving you a fun fact, until the 18th century, Skaros was the capital of Santorini whereas it was changed to Fira in the later year.

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4. Admire the View from Ancient Thira

Ancient Thira is one of the most antique cities you can ever see in Greece. Riding towards the top of the mountain, you can certainly see the entire Kamari beach along with Perissa. It’s open daily from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm except for Mondays.

Along with your soulmate, you can drive an ATV, feel the adrenaline gush and travel to steep mountains like never before. Also, in Santorini Greece Honeymoon packages, including a visit to Ancient Thira must be your top priority.

Conclusion: Things to do in Santorini & Greece Honeymoon Packages

For newlywed couples, nothing can be a better thing than spending time with their loved ones and exploring ecstatic beauties of Santorini. Even for budget lovers, you can grab some of the best Santorini Greece Honeymoon Packages. After which, feel free to visit the above places, love your soulmate and fill their heart with love and passion, all over.
A Guide to Greece Tour Packages from Kolkata

A Guide to Greece Tour Packages from Kolkata

Do you stay in Kolkata and have always wanted to visit Greece? You have heard so much about various Greece tourist destinations that you have been contemplating visiting but have never really gotten a chance to make the required arrangements for it. Sometimes, it may be that you do not know much about the fare and processes required. However, if you still want to go to Greece, here is your chance!
There are various Greece tour packages from Kolkata that you can check out with us. These tours include various advantages and even save you from spending additional costs that might have been incurred in the process. Our Greece tour packages cater to your safety and every other part of the journey. The best part is that they are quite affordable and their prices aren’t as high as you may think.

1. Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini

This is a Greece tour package from Kolkata which allows you to explore one of the most ancient cities in Greece – Athens and also one of the most lively and romantic places – Santorini. There are museums to visit, parties to attend and fun for the number of days that you are there. The experience is one you are sure not to forget easily as we will make it memorable.

2. Athens, Greece and Istanbul, Turkey

Do you know it’s possible for you to explore Turkey along with Greece? All you have to do is go for a Greece tour package from Kolkata with airfare and it will cover all the transportation that may be required. Also, know that other than many of the land tours and adventures, we will provide you with cruising fun too as you will be able to visit the Saronic Island, the Poros Island and even the Hydra.

3. Athens, Delphi-Meteora, and Santorini

This is another Greece tour package from Kolkata that you can also enjoy with us. It covers Athens, Delphi-Meteora, and Santorini. For this trip too, you are sure to have fun as the package covers all that you may need if you go for the Greece tour package from Kolkata with airfare. The transportation from Athens to Delphi, the entrance fee required at Delphi for the tour, a tour guide and even accommodation will all be covered.

4. Greece and Italy

Yes! Another exclusive tour package that you can get from Kolkata is a trip which covers your journey from Greece to various other interesting places such as Santorini, Rome and Venice. Sounds fun right? It is! You are going to have lots of fun exploring and meeting a lot of other people. The journey also is on land. So, rest assured that you won’t be missing any possible sightseeing ground worth checking out!
For various packages that take you right from Kolkata to Greece, go for our Greece tour packages from Kolkata with airfare. All you have to do is pay and pack while we see to your comfort on the trip! Talk to our consultant today!
Best Places to Visit in Greece for Honeymoon

Best Places to Visit in Greece for Honeymoon

Got hitched? Good! Now what? Honeymoon obviously. Planning a honeymoon trip is actually done way before one plans for his wedding ceremony. Well, we won’t interrupt your planning process by landing you in any confusion. However, if Greece is in your mind, then the following juicy information might take your emotions to the next level.

Here is a compilation of the best places to visit in Greece for Honeymoon.

All set to pack your backs and get all lovey-dovey. Just keep on reading and take a call. Love filled moments are just a destination away.

1. Santorini

Greece is full of romantic spots. The entire country is romantic for that matter, but Santorini has its own appeal. It’s a place which can make your nuptial knots even stronger. The white heritage structures on the backdrop of blue ocean with bright Greek sun. What a sight it is!. A must visit place for the newlyweds. It won’t fail to satisfy your romantic cravings for sure.Staying options are ample and well within reach. Perfect place to lay back and enjoy the sunset. Santorini is the island which will always leave you mesmerized.

2. Nafplio

Nafplio is absolute romance. The place radiates of love. Love is really in the air here. No wonder its the preferred wedding spot for whoever can afford it. A perfect honeymoon spot. Its architecture and landscaping will surely leave you impressed. Cafe, waterfronts and neo-classical villas is what Naflio is all about. A perfect destination for holding hands and long evening strolls. The place is quiet and provides everything that a newly wed couple needs.

3. Monemvasia

If you are the one who feels that Santorini is a cliche for honeymooners. Try Monemvasia!. Comparatively a low key place. It’s quiet and peaceful. With its classical architecture, it has everything that a newly wed needs. This place has narrow streets and rich colors. The air is full of love and weather so romantic. A nice option to forge your bonds of love.

4. Spetses

Just two hours away from Athens. This island is all about laying back and gazing into each other’s eyes. Spetses has many boutique staying options, nice restaurants and secluded beaches. One can explore the adjoining areas and enjoy the much famed Greek sunset. Its also famous for horse carriage rides along the harbor.

5. Milos

Perfect for couples who are into wines. Although the name might not strike you, but Milos is famous for its wine making. The seaside village of Pollonia has small cottages which can be hired by honeymooners. They offer ample seaside view, moderate weather, and pretty hospitable local people. Indulge in local wine tasting sessions bask on the beaches. This place is really like heaven for new couples.

6. Amorgos

Perfect place for the practical couple. Weddings are tiring! One needs some relaxation afterward. Amorgos is one big Spa. Scuba diving, donkey riding clubbed with world-class spa’s are all there to calm your soul and churn some love. So if you are looking to relax, rejuvenate and get romantic all at the same time. Head towards Amorgos we say!
So here it is folks, The best places to visit in Greece for honeymoon. There are many more options available and we would be more than happy to serve you with some custom Greece honeymoon plans. All you have to do is ask!
A Guide to Greece Tour Packages from Bangalore

A Guide to Greece Tour Packages from Bangalore

Vacationing in Greece has been on your agenda for a long time?

The picturesque sites, amazing jaw-dropping view of the mountains and the remarkable Aegean and Ionian Seas. Greece is always promoting its beauty and treasures. And many people from India would want to visit this dream destination. It’s a lovely country and anybody looking for Greece tour packages from Bangalore can get in touch with a team of travel industry professionals or expert, who is familiar with the country. The travel agencies offer attractive discounts on Greece tour Packages from Bangalore.
The travel expert knows how to plan your journey, choose the best accommodation, what to provide, and how to provide the best service? Because they know how give the best service on Greece tour packages from Bangalore for the people? They have years of experience of dealing with hundreds of guests in Greece. The tour agencies work with the best supplier who is all licensed by GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organization), and provide you a great travel experience in Greece, that will last a lifetime. Greece tour Packages from Bangalore have the facility to book your own luxury suite and flight with low airfares from Bangalore. They offer the best sightseeing tours in most sought after tourist areas of Greece. They will provide you with a pickup and drop service from and to your hotel, for sightseeing. They are operating around the clock for day tours as well as night tours. Once you travel in Greece, all your sightseeing queries will be taken care of. So you need not worry and choose the best travel agency.

A glimpse of what to expect!

Greece is much more than we have learned and seen in the photos with beautiful sunsets and golden sandy beaches. Greece is a crossroad of colors and cultures; you will a feeling of the strength of History and the warmth of the southern extremes of Europe and you realize the evolutionary course of thought, experience, and influence.
There are so many ways you can enjoy the beauty of Greece. Visit a Mykonos Island; It is the jewel of Greece, It has a metropolitan outlook. Bluewater makes such an excellent background for whitewashed streets. This cryptic beauty will definitely make your eyes wither away. Find your hotel afterward. Take a Stroll on the streets and go to Panagia Paraportiani, the most popular church on the island, which is a pure white rocky structure. Then behold the views of Little Venice, Hora Island and many more. Go back to your hotel and relax. Utilize your time the most favorable way with a luxury catamaran cruise in the blue waters of Athens. In the morning hop on board the boat and start relishing the turquoise surface all around. Engage in snorkeling or swimming as the catamaran is anchored at one of the coolest bays. Also, enjoy a comfortable, delicious dinner on board. Later check out of the catamaran and gets transported to your hotel. After you have enjoyed your trip to Greece, it’s a time of checkout and heads back to the departure.


Greece is a country of beautiful inconsistencies, a continuous trip in time, from the present to the past and back again. The routes through the olive groves, the inspiring archaeological sites; attractive clusters of islands, golden beaches, the view of the mountains and breathtaking scenery to explore. In Greece, the succession of images is not just our imagination; it is a sheer reality. Just get in touch with us to know more about Greece tour packages from Bangalore with airfare.
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