Best things to do in Athens – Fantabulous Greece

Best things to do in Athens – Fantabulous Greece

Athens is not just the capital of Greece, in fact, it is one of the major tourist destinations that one needs to visit in a lifetime. Find the best of Greece in this glorious Athens as you find the best of cultural spots, galleries, cafes, movie theatre etc. Athens is a rightful blend of modern and ancient. Before visiting any place, it is great to know more about that place as you would get a fair idea of what’s actually in store for you at a particular place.

Best things to do in Athens on a holiday

Tour the enchanting Acropolis

Find some of the enchanting ancient buildings that actually define Athens, Acropolis is on the top of a rocky outcrop for 2,500 years, one would see the modern metropolis all around. Find some of the best architecture as well as the wonderful Greek infusion to everything. There is also the famous temple named ‘The Parthenon temple’ which is one of the most famous religious sites in Greece, other than that, the architecture of this temple is also worth marveling at.

Have the best food at Varvakios Agora

Find the best indoor and outdoor food market in Varvakios which is in the Monastiraki district that will totally win your heart. Find some of the best vendors who would be selling spices, fish, fruit, fresh meat, etc. This place will make you try the Greek delicacies that will totally win your heart.

Have an incredible movie experience at Cine Paris

Have the most incredible movie viewing experience as you enjoy watching a movie under the stars enjoying some of the most magical night view of the Acropolis. Have some beautiful time watching Greek, classic, foreign movies and even the latest Hollywood releases.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC)

Greenery would warm the cockles of your heart by the overwhelming Greek culture as you visit this engaging place with cafes, gardens, playgrounds, huge glass eco-minded complex, a manmade river, etc. This is a major tourist hotspot in Greece that will win your heart by its sheer magnificence.

The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens

This museum was reopened in 2016, and is one of the highly accomplished art places in the world. Find the best of exhibitions of art, painting, architecture etc that one would see here.

Museum of Cycladic Art

This is one of the grandest museums that one can visit in Athens that houses 3,000 artifacts of art- ancient Greek, Cycladic as well as Cypriot art. Find some of the best different shaped slender marble figurines as well as statues that were established sometime back in the Bronze Age. Also, one can witness Greek art collections in the museum such as figurines, vases, weapons etc.

Monastiraki Flea Market

Well, how can any trip ever be possibly completed without shopping? You can shop to your heart’s content while being in the famous Monastiraki Flea market, well, shopping is one of the best things to do in Athens or any otherplace for that matter. Visit this market on a Sunday when you would see the people laying out their blankets and selling stuff on them. One can have some of the best times being in the cafes enjoying the view of shoppers, this market will let you find some of the best gems such as the fur, clothing, jewelry, etc.

Have a stroll in Plaka

Plaka is one of the most gorgeous places that is set up in the Acropolis. Find the most engaging cafes and restaurants that will surely make up the summers of any tourist, This place is also a paradise for jewelry shoppers as one can find some of the best and classic gold jewelry in Plaka. Other than that, Plaka is so beautiful that one would be short of words to describe it.
Thus, these are some of the best places that one can enjoy while being in Athens that will totally lift up your spirits and guarantee you some good time as you enjoy your holidays in this land of culture and vibrance that will stay etched in your heart in years to come.
7 Best things to do in Santorini – Fantabulous Greece

7 Best things to do in Santorini – Fantabulous Greece

All those Shahrukh fans like me would remember that iconic song ‘Tauba tumhare ye ishare . . .’ from the movie ‘Chalte Chalte’, we are sure you would be awestruck by the Mesmerising location of that song. Well, it is set up in Santorini. Yes, Santorini the Greek island that will totally win your heart by its unmatched beauty that can captivate just anyone. If you are planning a Greek holiday, you must make a list of the things to do in Santorini. If you haven’t already, let us help you with it.

1. Witness a magical Santorini Sunset

Santorini is well known for it’s sunsets as they are so beautiful that it seems almost magical to see one. One can witness a captivating sunset from the famous Oia’s Byzantine Castle ruins that is one o the best places to capture a beautiful sunset. One can also visit the famous Akrotiri lighthouse to witness a sunset that you would remember for the rest of your life. Also, some people do it in the way that they book a restaurant table from where they can have the best food of Santorini while enjoying these magical views.

2. Enjoy a Cable Car Ride

Well, a cable car ride is another specialty of Santorini, you simply cannot miss a cable car ride while you are in the gorgeous Santorini. One can find three ways to go from Fira to Old port and one of them is a cable car ride. We would totally suggest you enjoy a cable car ride as it will help you make some beautiful memories that will last forever as the views are captivating and the thrill of being in a cable car adds up to that.

3. Have some fun time at a Concert at La Ponta in Akrotiri

Well, this is going to be a treat for all the music lovers. There is the famous La Ponta which happens in the 13th century Venetian Tower that happens to be in the famous castle of Akrotiri. One can also witness the Tsampouna exhibition that features the Greek folk wind instrument which is of the bagpipe family. One would truly have fun visiting this place and listening to some great music being here as you enjoy the amalgam of the ancient and contemporary sounds that will win your heart.

4. Be a spectator to the real Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the most beautiful places in Greece, some 2,000 years ago, there was a volcanic eruption that happened in Santorini that totally ate up the middle of the island that was submerged in the ocean, this island is now thought of to be the home of the legend of Atlantis. The volcanic eruption that occurred here happens to be the biggest eruptions in the world that occurred in 1,600 BC.

5. Witness the magic of capital Fira

Fira happens to be the capital city of Santorini, this tiny place will provide you with some captivating views, some beautiful churches that will stay etched in your heart forever. One can also visit the famous Archaeological Museum of Thera where you can get a sneak peek into the glorious past of Santorini.

6. Spend some time in the stunning quiet Paros villages

Paros villages are so close to the edge of the Caldera, one would find a lot of tiny places in this village. This village houses less than 1,000 people. However, it is no less on beauty, you can click thousands of pictures for your social media being here.

7. Enjoy sailing near Santorini

Your trip to Santorini cannot be completed without you having some good time on the boat as you enjoy touring the island. One would witness some good parts of the bay and have some good time diving in the sea that will be the highlight of your Santorini trip!
So, these are some of the best things to do in Santorini as this will give you some of the best memories to cherish forever as you embark on a journey to one of the most beautiful places in the world- Santorini. So, these things should get added in your bucket list just now!
7 Best things to do in Greece – Fantabulous Greece

7 Best things to do in Greece – Fantabulous Greece

Well, if we make a list of some of the most magical places in the world, then Greece surely comes somewhere around the top. This is one of the most enchanting places that truly define all the travel goals.

These are some of the best things that you can do in Greece.

1. Fall in love with the architecture of Santorini

We all have seen the magical locations of Santorini that have adorned our Bollywood movies. Santorini is one of the most ideal places to visit for all the honeymooners as this place serves all that one would possibly need from a honeymoon. This place makes the visitors feel as if they are living in wallpaper, one would see some enchanting traditional Cycladic homes. A stroll in this beautiful setup that will be made even more beautiful by the azure waters, this one has the best architecture as well as the landscapes that are made by the volcanic crater, Santorini has all of this and a lot more!

2. Visit the Palace of Malia

‘The Palace of Malia’ is in Malia and this one was established somewhere in 1900 BC, though this one has been rebuilt many times post many natural disasters such as earthquakes. One would find a lot of exhibitions halls in Malia along with many photographic galleries. Also, you cannot miss out on the signature pieces in ‘The Palace of Malia’ like the famous Kernos Stone that happens to be a disk with 24 holes in it.

3. Have some fun time at Balos Beach

Balos Beach is on the famous scenic Gramvousa Peninsula that happens to be on the island of Crete that is a great place to chill and relax while being in Greece on a holiday. One would find some of the best lagoons where you would find the stunning azure waters, be thrilled to find the best of underwater life such as the fish, shellfish etc. One can also spend some time on the sunbeds as they enjoy the gorgeous views while sunbathing.

4. Climb Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus happens to be the most famous mountains in the world; this is going to be an incredible experience for you. One can visit the famous Litochoro that will give you the most exciting experience to trek the famous Mount Olympus. In the Greek mythology, this mountain is also famous for being the spot where Zeus got his throne, also this place is also known for being the place where Hades ruled the Underworld, so climbing Mount Olympus will somewhere get you close to the glorious history of Greece.

5. Pay a visit to Acropolis museum

Visit the famous Acropolis museum which is one of the most visited places in Greece. This museum was established in 2009. The building is made up of cutting edge glass as well as steel and has some of the most famous artifacts in Greece. Visiting this museum with kids is one of the best things to do in Greece.

6. Visit the monasteries of Meteo

This place called Meteora in Meteora is known for its monasteries that one can find on the top of the rock formations. One would find the Eastern Orthodox monks living here. This is one of the major religious sites in Greece.

7. Pay your regards at the famous Hephaestus temple

Hephaestus Temple is a really famous temple in the beautiful Thissio neighborhood of Athens. As you can already know by the name, this temple is dedicated to God Hephaestus who happens to be the god of fire, along with that, this temple is also dedicated to Goddess Athena, the goddess of pottery and ancient crafts. Being made approximately during 450 BC, this temple is on the top of Agoreao Koronos Hill.
Thus, these are some of the best things that one can try while being in Greece. One can have a great time visiting this glorious land that will truly win your heart and give you the memories of a lifetime!

Greece Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai

Greece Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai

All over the world, if there is one serene country, Greece has to be the sole name. Over the years, Greece has gained immense popularity and is attracting tourists from all over the world. Also, if you are from Mumbai, you can avail some of the best Greece Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai at a super affordable price. All you need is to research well and choose your wishful Greece package.
Now talking about Greece, it is popular in Ancient cultures where it has a significant influence over language, philosophy, politics, arts, and even sports. Also, Greece is a good blend of western culture where you will find different bars, restaurants, and pubs that can simply make your vacation in Greece.
Furthermore, you can catch a blissful view of the mountains and islands that can simply take your breath away.

Greece – World’s Most Popular Tourist Destination

Well, if you are from Mumbai and want to travel Greece with your loved ones, you can opt for the best in class Greece Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai. Even in packages, you can get different variety and choose the one which can fit your desires and needs.
Coming down to Greece, it is among the world’s top 20 tourist destinations and received a whopping 20 million visitors in the year 2013. Well, such a thing is astonishing that compels every tourist to visit Greece at least once in their lifetime.
Mostly, people like to visit the ancient buildings of Greece and watch epic sculpture right through their eyes. Even after several years, the sculptures look refreshing and you will be spell bounded by their creativity, for sure.
Also, people like to visit the astonishing islands where they can take a sunbath or relax in serenity with their loved ones.

Avail Greece Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai: Peak-Period to Visit Greece

Between the period to avail Greece Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai with Airfare, you might want to know Peak period to visit Greece, Right?
Well, the majority of tourists visit Greece between April to October. Also, the peak season starts July and runs throughout the entire month of August.

Among people who visit Greece, 90% of people come from other European countries. Also, in recent times, the number of people visiting Greece is increasing.

Therefore, if in any case, you are planning to avail Greece Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai, the peak period is definitely coming.
Keeping aside beaches and marvelous sculptures, Greece has got some of the best world-class cuisines. Ranging from Indian Food to Greece ones, restaurants serve foods and are capable enough to suffice every customer’s needs.


Without a doubt, Greece is an all-time famous destination that is attracting tourist over a decade now. If you are a newly married couple and want to go out and enjoy to the core, avail some of the best Greece Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai. After which, all will be left is to grab the hands of your partner and go to an unending journey of love, joy, and happiness.

Turkey Greece Tour Packages from India

Turkey Greece Tour Packages from India

Whether with your friends, family or soul mate, Greece along with Turkey is the best destinations to visit. If you are from India, you can avail some of the best Turkey Greece Tour Packages from India. Talking about Greece, it is well-known in different outdoor beauty whereas the magnificent sculptures will definitely spellbind you in every possible way.
Alongside, Turkey is the hottest destination for people who like to see marvelous architectures. Also, the cuisines you will get in Turkey are definitely mouth watering for every customer. Simply, availing Greece and Turkey Packages from India can be one of the finest options to visit these two locations in one trip.

Avail Turkey Greece Tour Packages from India & Witness Amazing Beauty

Firstly, talking about Greece will bring the wetlands along with cool climate into the limelight. It’s a country that is constantly attracting visitors and is on the verge of expansion. In the year 2014, the country attracted 25 million visitors which is surely amazing. Constantly discovering the beauty of Greece, you will come across 4 Geoparks which are a part of the European Geoparks network.
Also, Greece as a country is well-known for its crystal clear water islands. While availing the Greece and Turkey packages, you can’t really miss such iconic islands. Grab the hands of your partner or family member, have a sunbath and enjoy serenity in Greece islands.
Moving forward, if you like to enjoy some places of special beauty, Wetlands are the best destinations. Currently, Greece contains 400 wetlands that embark some significant level of beauty to almost every tourist.
Ranging from the Lagoons of Messolongi to romantic sunsets, Greece has got everything to amuse every visitor.
Bird Lovers, you can find at least 445 species of birds out of which most of them are endangered.

A Take on Turkey before Availing Turkey and Greece Holiday Packages

In Turkey, Istanbul is one of the most famous destinations to start off your journey. This location Is filled with some amazing buildings and mouthwatering dishes. Ranging from Indian Cuisines to special Turkey Dishes, you can’t really miss any dish, for sure.
Also, if you like to enjoy some serene time on the beaches, Turkey delivers the same with absolute perfection. Starting with the Patara beach, it’s one of the longest beaches you can ever come across.
For over 20 years, the beach is attracting millions of tourists that come here to enjoy some peaceful time with their loved ones. Before you avail the Turkey Greece Tour Packages from India, Patara must be a sure place in your minds.
Moving ahead, for foodies, Turkey delivers an extraordinary list of non-vegetarian sections. Be it a whole chicken or any special vegetarian dish, Turkey never misses off on anything. Every restaurant in turkey comes has got world-class chefs which makes it a perfect destination for the food lover.


So, there we go! If you belong to India, you can avail some really good Turkey Greece Tour Packages from India. Be it your loved ones or with your friends, these two destinations are a must to visit at least once in your lifetime.
Santorini Greece Vacation Packages

Santorini Greece Vacation Packages

Out of every single divine feeling in the world, marrying the love of your life is certainly the most jubilant one. Being a newlywed couple with tons of love and affection, Santorini can be one of the hottest destinations for you. Make way along with your loved one and avail some of the best Santorini packages from India.
Right from the first glance, you will see the Santorini surrounded by water all around. Enjoy an ecstatic feeling of water, drive all your fears away and ask for more from the moment. Exploring further, you will witness the romantic architectures which will make you love your partner, a little more.
Moving along the beaches, you will witness the stunning sunsets which will greet you in every walk of Santorini beaches. Even more, Santorini Greece Packages are super affordable and you won’t have to think twice before visiting this terrific and serene place.

Best Time to Visit Greece & Santorini

Well, being a newlywed couple grabs an immense feeling of satisfaction and gratitude, You want to love your partner in every possible way and before visiting Santorini, choosing the right time is a must thing.

On a precise note, the peak season to visit Santorini is from June to September when the weather is hot and Sunny. Whether you like Sun’s heat or not, you won’t resist having a sunbath with your soulmate at Santorini beaches. During this season, though the prices of food, travel are up, you can still research for the best Santorini Packages from India.

Also, if you are eager to visit Santorini on a budget, you can opt for April to October visit. At this time, you can avail some really affordable Santorini packages and can travel without running short of money. Regardless of your budget, you can find some of the most affordable Santorini Greece Vacation Packages. All you require is to do a bit of research and you will find the best package, much sooner.

Know More:- Best Places to Visit in Greece for Honeymoon

Explore the Soothing & Serene Santorini Islands

Spanning throughout the boundaries of the Aegean sea, Santorini island is one famous spot for couples. Not only its filled with ever shining evergreen, the blue water even gives an ecstatic feel for every couple that passes by.
Jotting every unique place in Santorini, come along, book Santorini Greece vacation Packages as we dive deep into the adventure of finding the top places in Santorini.

1. Oia Village

Serving a duality of architecture and Cycladic finesse, Oia Village is a top destination to visit for Honeymooners. You might get some really cool Santorini holiday package where Oia Village will be an important destination.

This town is especially known for its artistic buildings, delicious Greek cuisines and of course, romantic sunsets. You along with your partner can walk around the streets, eat mouth-watering foods and taste the pinch of love, Oia village is all you need to set the love rolling. Also, you can catch a glimpse of Maritime Museum, remains of the Venetian Fortress and enjoy the real-life beauty of Oia, right through your eyes.

2. Fira Village

For making your Santorini visit a memorable one, visiting the Fira Village must be your priority. This village boasts of colourful buildings and gardens which will certainly take your breath away.

Moving on to the very top, you and your life partner can catch a whole panoramic view of the entire village. Also, the Submerged Volcano looks stunning whereas the white houses will make you remember the symbol of peace. Altogether, whether opting for Santorini Greece vacation packages from India or any country, Fira Village must be in your travelling list.

3. Imerovigli Village

Somewhat, out of every destination in Greece, the Imerovigli village is the most underrated. Its about 2 km away from Fira Village but delivers beauty worth watching. For couples who love to catch a glimpse of close sunsets, Imerovigli Village is the one-stop destination.

From almost any location, you catch a glimpse of Caldera and the ships which approaches the cliff every now and then. For foodies, Imerovigli falls nothing short as they serve lavish dishes at affordable prices.

4. Red Beach

Spending a full day at the Red Beach will make you fall in love with this exotic destination. The most popular beach of all, the Red Beach delivers moments that are jaw-dropping. The blue clear waters, cool breezes and the rays of sunlight can make your love a bit stronger.

Chase your loved ones have a sunbath and all that will remain will be you, your soul mate and just pure love. Even more, before you choose any Santorini Greece tour package, the Red Beach must be an integral part of it.

5. Cape Columbo Beach

Right at a distance of 10km from the Fira Village, you will witness the ever shining Cape Columbo Beach. This is probably the most isolated and serene destination in Greece you will ever come across.

The beat bears some dramatic landscape and the ones you must have seen in the films. Having a mix up with sea water and small pebbles, spread your love and make the sand fall in love with you. Take your foods along with you as you won’t find any restaurants near you. Still, you have got your soul mate and all that’s left is opt Santorini Greece vacation packages and love them in every passionate manner.

Final Verdict

Before you visit Greece, you might get some really good offers on Santorini Greece Packages from India. Of course, out of every location in the world, Greece is surely worth visiting. Exploring around the regions of Santorini, you will love this place every single bit and will want to visit yet again, eagerly and passionately.

Also, every location in Santorini is quite affordable and you won’t have to think twice before including them in your itinerary. So, now that you have known each and everything about Santorini, what are you waiting for?

Grab the hands of your partner, book Santorini Greece vacation packages and go out on an adventure of thrill, excitement and never-ending love.

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