Greece Weather in December – Fantabulous Greece

Greece Weather in December – Fantabulous Greece

Greece is the ultimate romantic destination due to its amazing weather and off-season discounts! Travelling to Greece in December offers a great ambience, light crowd, amazing air quality in Athens, and entertaining and exciting Christmas pageantry.

Christmas in Greece

Holidays in Greece are quite special and if its December, it will entail the celebrations for Christmas. It starts with the feast of St. Nicholas on December 6, where the natives exchange gifts. When compared to other European countries, celebrations in Greece is a bit different, they have subtle and solemn parties, family gatherings are given much more importance. There are not many commercial celebrations as tourists are accustomed to seeing the light and breezy Christmas.

What is the likely in Greece weather in December?

Greece is a wonderful nation with boundaries being the oceans, and hence the cities endure tropical climate in December. It has a cold temperature in almost all the places, but if you are lucky, you can encounter excellent opportunity to enjoy the sunshine with scattered crowds at the conventional tourist attractions and on the islands of Greece.

Geographical influences

The location of Greece is in south-east Europe among several sunny islands. The country encompasses between the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea. Greece sports a traditional Meditteranean climate that prefers colder temperatures to the region in December. It is the wettest period of the yearly cycle, therefore you must carry a waterproof jacket to save yourself from the rain and have a seamless tour. The coastal neighbourhoods and famous vacation retreats are less congested in December and enjoy insignificantly temperate climate than the hilly areas.


In December, where you are residing will explain your experience. The overall temperature is about 12-degree Celsius in the daytime. Moreover, at night temperatures drop down to a great level. It will require a jacket if you want to explore the cities and tour at night. Sightseeing in the sunshine is what you can do, which lasts for about 9 hours and has an average humidity estimating nearly 75%. Winds are mild in the city but around the coastal areas, it has exceptional velocity. Due to the highest amount of rainfall, people must carry a raincoat in December when in Greece.

Cities and Islands to Enjoy at Greece weather in December

Athens and Santorini are highly visited places in Greece now. These two cities are always featured in movies and series. It has led them to be the hottest cities to travel for couples. The city Santorini has beautiful islands and small houses, sightseeing will never be complete. It is as enjoyable and serene nature will keep you spellbound. In December, it is the best time to visit Santorini, as they have ample hotels and eateries to satisfy the tourists. If we talk about Athens, then it is a city to travel almost all around the year.

If you are planning to travel to Greece in December, then make sure you a track of the weather. Do not let climate ruin your travel mindset and excitement.

Santorini The Ideal Choice For Honeymooners

Santorini The Ideal Choice For Honeymooners

Is it hard for you to decide on one of the wonderful wedding dresses that you have tried? Is it easier to choose from the wide range of wedding invitations to send to family and friends? Or maybe your weak point is to opt for one of the wedding details for your guests? If everything is a little complicated, imagine what can happen when you think about the honeymoon. Do you want to discover a unique destination? Do not miss the Santorini Greece honeymoon. There are those who consider that to enjoy honeymoon it is necessary to cross half the world, but the truth is that you do not have to go far to find wonderful destinations. If you want to enjoy your honeymoon in Santorini then it is the most beautiful place on the planet.
Santorini honeymoon packages are the ideal destination for those who want to leave behind the monotony, either during a short break or for a well-deserved vacation.
Santorini honeymoon packages are great for you if you want to spend quality with your life partner. The island of Mykonos is known as the Ibiza of the Greek Islands for its stunning beaches and busy nightlife. You cannot miss visiting what is known as little Venice for its houses located on the seashore, the castle district with its medieval buildings and the House of Lena.

For super romantic couples, Santorini honeymoon packages are best because the island of Santorini is an archipelago formed by volcanic islands. In the neighbourhood of Oia, in Fira, it’s capital, you will enjoy Santorini Greece honeymoon with your couple like you never did before. Santorini honeymoon is the perfect place for couples who just got married. You cannot miss:

  1. One of the charms of the island of Santorini is its bay:
  2. A large volcanic caldera. To visit if you have to go down from Thira by cable car or car to the port area. Once there, they will take you by boat to the caldera and … enjoy paradise!

  3. Stay in a hotel with views on the island of Santorini:
  4. It is worth investing in a hotel with charm in the upper area of the island, where you can spend the afternoon contemplating spectacular views of the caldera and the sea. Remember that you have to choose well the accommodation of a trip as special as the one you are about to live, in the same way, that you put all your attention in the choice of decoration ideas for honeymoon or in that wonderful and romantic selection of songs.

  5. The area is excellent if you fancy enjoying a few days with the family:
  6. It even has interesting places, such as Santorini Water Park, where people of all ages will have a great time.You have to go to the beautiful public beaches near Santorini. Opinions indicate that Red Beach and Playa Blanca are the favourites of locals and tourists. You should also go to Playa de Perissa or Playa de Perivolos, both of which enjoy great prestige.

  7. In Santorini, there is a special place for you surrounded by flora and fauna, where you can contemplate amazing scenarios. Do not hesitate to visit Playa de Baxedes, Palea Volcano and Penon de Skaros, three of the most renowned natural parks in Santorini.

    The natural history museums, such as the Archaeological Museum, in Santorini, are an ideal destination for the followers of the natural world. Another of the outstanding points of interest that this destination offers you is Thera Prehistoric Museum, whose captivating natural collection will captivate you.

  8. Art occupies a prominent place in Santorini because local talent is excellently manifested in the works exhibited. Art Space Art Centre Santorini is one of those captivating places that you will not want to miss in this destination.
  9. While you are in Santorini, take the opportunity to visit the historical Museum of Folklore of Santorini to discover the roots of this destination. There you will have the possibility of knowing fantastic pieces of the legacy of this destination.
  10. During your visit to Santorini honeymoon, organize a walk through one of its fantastic historical sites. Ancient Thira and Antigua Akrotiri are two very attractive places. If you still have time, visit also Venetian Tower La Ponta, another beautiful place that has witnessed the history of this region.
  11. If you are visiting Santorini, you can plan a walk through one of its castles and other walled structures. In order to admire the chronology and the nobles that inhabited these lands, you can visit Oia Castle.

Greece Holiday Package from Mumbai

Greece Holiday Package from Mumbai

Whether you are a newlywed couple or want to spend some quality time with your friends and family, Greece is one of the most enchanting destinations. Ranging from the serene greenery to breath-taking mountain adventures, you got to visit Greece at least once in your lifetime. Also, traveling from Mumbai, you can avail some of the best Greece package from Mumbai itself.

Coming down towards the beauty and serene nature, Greece has to offer, you can witness a whole new world in Greece. Together, come along as we are about to unwrap the sizzling beauty of Greece, one by one.

Avail Greece Package from Mumbai & Discover Amazing Beauty

If you have ever been stress out from your daily life and want to spend some quality time, Greece can be a good option for you.

Talking about Acropolis, it attracts over a million tourists each year. If you are planning to visit Greece, you can’t miss on Acropolis in any case.

Made from glittering marbles, Acropolis looks stunning from every single angle. Also, it is lined with majestic pathways where you can walk in your leisure time and discover breathtaking highlight of Acropolis right from your eyes.

Secondly, talking about one of the most famous mountains in Greece will bring Mount Olympus into the limelight. If you are a big fan of Greek mythology, you will love trekking on Mount Olympus, for sure.

Taking you right back in the old times, Zeus sat on his throne and admired the stunning beauty of Mount Olympus. This time, you can do the same by choosing Greece Holiday package from Mumbai, visiting Greece and doing trekking to the fullest extent.

Something unusual in Greece, Lake Plastira is well-known for being blessed with the natural beauty of Lake Plastira.

Wondering what makes this lake so different? Well, it’s completely man made but has all the potential to lure any tourist with its marvelous beauty. Right from a glance, you will never notice that the lake is made by humans.

Each and everything is crafted to perfection where it is completely surrounded with chestnut along with oak trees. Together with your loved ones, friends and family, visiting the Lake Plastira and uncovering its majestic beauty can be a soothing choice.

Grab Greece Package from Mumbai and Uncover Sizzling Destinations of Greece

Coming down towards the breathtaking architectures in Santorini, the island is well-known for marvelous architectures all over the region. Altogether, if you are a newlywed couple and like to spend some serene time in Greece, Santorini is the go-to option.

Walking right along the shores of the island, it’ gives you an amazing chance to take a view at every single architecture. All thanks to the landscape along with a volcano crater which makes this place much more soothing and beautiful.

Moving ahead, known as the UNESCO World Heritage site, Delphi has come into fame since ages and is among the top tourist place in Greece.

In any case, if you are planning to visit Greece, visiting Delphi must be your sole priority. Also, you can avail the top class Greece package from Mumbai, visit Delphi and discover the amazing architecture; this place has to offer.

Altogether, if you want to explore a whole different area of Greece, Delphi is the number one option.

Exploring another beauty of Greece, right into the hearts of Crete, Samaria Gorge is a must visit place for nature lovers. Spreading your arms in greenery, you will find fresh air and amazing animals all at one place.

Spanning throughout a region of 16 kilometers, Samaria Gorge brings to you different variety of plants, trees and almost everything you can ever ask from nature.

Even for couples, you can visit Samaria Gorge and spend some really good quality time with your loved ones.

For trekkers, there are different variations of treks available where you can choose any option and start trekking, right from the word GO.

Final Word of Mouth

So, there we go! I hope you have gone through the amazing regions of Greece. This time of the year or on your preferred date, you must visit Greece at least once in your lifetime. Especially for couples, Greece brings so much variety in terms of location so that you won’t get bored even for a second.
Therefore, choose the best Greece tours from Mumbai, visit Greece and spent the best days of your life in peace, serenity and wholehearted nature.
The Best Places in Greece for Bachelor Parties

The Best Places in Greece for Bachelor Parties

Do you wish to get married in Greece? But you would like to spend some days with your best of friends with a great bachelor party. The best places in Greece for bachelor parties where you can have fun by combining wild nightlife with great sightseeing of historical sites, cultural opportunities, and great beaches. The Greek islands are famous around the world. Not just the beaches are stunning and have crystal waters, but the nightlife is crazy and you can party endlessly. The best places in Greece for bachelor parties are Athens, Mykonos, Paros, IOS, and many others. And the best part is you can always take the ferry from one island to the other to not miss a thing!


Athens is one of the best places in Greece for bachelor parties. Due to its great variety of bars with all types of music and bar-crawl during an endless and vivid nightlife. Also, you can enjoy other things in Athens such as the sightseeing, strolling through the well-preserved districts of the Old Town, explore the artistic beauty of the city, experience the new cultures and get acquainted with the captivating ancient history of Greece that was the structure of the Western civilization.


Mykonos is both: a beautiful romantic island, where many Greek wedding ceremonies take place, and it is also the most popular destination for its remarkable nightlife. Every beach has a bar to party all night long and DJ’s who are world-class in organizing top events. One of the most famous clubs worldwide is Cavo Paradiso. The beach bars often are transformed into electrifying nightclubs with go-go dancers and exotic cocktails. While Mykonos Town also has many bars and clubs to offer, where the night lasts until dawn or even later in the morning. So, before your wedding think about spending some time with your friends there. So that you will be well prepared for your married life!


The nightlife in Paros is perfect and is the best place in Greece for bachelors parties. It is a place for People who want to feel the energy of an island, where young people meet each other and become a company after a few drinks. Parikia and Naousa have a wide range of bars and clubs for everybody’s taste. While Pounda Beach has a great beach bar, where all the party mongers dance and the alcohol flow is abundant.


Ios is the fourth island of the Cyclades, after Athens, Mykonos, and Paros, which can offer its visitors fascinating moments and some endless fun. Young people and of course men and women together would want to celebrate the forthcoming Greek wedding. You can find Ios amongst the best places in Greece for bachelor parties. There are a number of bars, clubs, Irish pubs, karaoke bars and discos in the narrow lanes of the Chora, and the only thing you can do is party. If you want to follow the attitude of the island, then there is no better place than Ios for a bachelor party.


Rhodes is a big island, which satisfies everybody’s taste for partying. It is a delightful destination for family vacations, for your wedding in Greece, your honeymoon or even is one of the best places in Greece for bachelor party. Faliraki is the best place for party animals of every nation. There, you can forget about everything, and great alcohol will make your people feel happy and ready for enjoyment. The new Town of Rhodes has also some of the nicest bars if you are looking for something calmer.


The joyful atmosphere, the warm welcome, best global music, and outstanding cocktails attract people from across the world. They dance from the early evening until the wee hours of the morning and have a wonderful time. These are the best places in Greece for bachelor parties that you will cherish after your marriage.
Greece Turkey Tours From Mumbai

Greece Turkey Tours From Mumbai

Flying to Greece and Turkey could be on your agenda for a long time. The picturesque sites amazing jaw-dropping view of the mountains and the remarkable Aegean and Ionian Seas. Greece and Turkey promote their beauty and treasures. And many people from Mumbai would want to visit this dream destination. Anybody looking for Greece Turkey tours from Mumbai can contact a professional or expert who knows the countries inside out. The travel agencies offer attractive discounts on Greece Turkey tours from Mumbai.

Check out for great Greece Turkey tours from Mumbai

Greece is much more than we have learned and seen in the photos with beautiful sunsets and golden sandy beaches. While turkey is a crossroad of colors and cultures; you will get a feeling of the strength of History and the warmth of the southern extremes of Europe and you realize the evolutionary course of thought, experience, and influence. Istanbul is the most visited city in Turkey. This city connects Europe and Asia. There are numerous domes, historic landscapes, museums in Istanbul which are worth visiting. Discover sunny Greece and relish the food in Athens, the sweeping views of the Greek Islands (Santorini), the nightlife in Mykonos or the history in Crete. Turkey’s beaches are not to be missed either, which is why many travelers choose to visit Antalya. If you’d like to explore more about Turkey’s history, then there are Istanbul and Ankara. Both cities are astounding to start learning. Once you travel to Greece and Turkey, you will enjoy all the sightseeing queries will be taken care of. So, you need not worry and choose the best travel agency.

Highpoints of the Greece Turkey Glimpse

Commence your alluring journey of Greece and Turkey with the stunning city of Athens. Enjoy the popular sightseeing of Athens starting with the Acropolis Museum to the constitution square (Syntagma), Panathenaic stadium, national library and Golden age of Athens with the excellent introduction of this fascinating city from the experienced guides. After discovering the history of Athens, you can explore the beauty of Santorini by the exciting and beautiful ride from a ferry. Cruise around Santorini to Nea Kameni Volcano and the nearby island of Thirasia and also visit the best places on the Island.

Moving on towards the Istanbul, where you will Cruise along the Bosporus and perceive the quaint beauty of the ancient wooden mansions, places of marbles, fortresses and small fishing villages. Proceed towards the city tour your first visit will be at Sultanahmet Mosque prominent for its blue and magnificent tiles and then the Hippodrome well-known center of Byzantine civic life. Along with discovering the myths of this fantastic city take some memories from the famous Grand Bazaar, whose rich and antique collection provoke even non-shoppers to shop. Catch this marvelous experience with the Greece and Turkey package.

After you have enjoyed your trip in Greece and turkey, it’s time to checkout and head back to the departure.


Greece is a country of beautiful inconsistencies, a continuous trip in time, from the present to the past and back again. The routes through the olive groves, the inspiring archaeological sites; attractive clusters of the islands, golden beaches, the view of the mountains and breathtaking scenery to explore. In Greece the series of images is not just an imagination; it is an absolute reality. Turkey is quite famous for its pristine beauty. The country showcases the culture and heritage of two different continents. It has many cruises sailing through different cities and neighboring countries like Greece. You will treasure visiting Greece and Turkey for the rest of your life.
Best time to visit Greek Beaches – Fantabulous Greece

Best time to visit Greek Beaches – Fantabulous Greece

Best Time To Visit Greek Beaches

Greece is a fabulous place that offers a lot to the visitors, be it the honeymooners, the family vacationers, the solo travelers, this place is totally dreamy that attracts a lot of visitors. But still, one of the most famous attractions in Greece happens to be the Greek beaches as this would let the visitors get their hair wild and have the best of times. People often ask what would be the best time to visit Greece. Well, this fabulous place can be visited anytime during the year as this one promises a lot of great times and fun.

April to October Best time to visit Greek Beaches

If we talk about the best time to visit Greek beaches then it would surely be from the end of May to the beginning of October as the weather at this time is really awesome and you would also find minimum rain during this time. One would find the sea temperature getting warmer in the summer as well as it opens up for many great swimming opportunities in the months of July, August as well as September.
Other than that, if you also want a bit of privacy and lesser crowd then we would suggest you to go to Greek beaches in the latter half of September as it is the time when there are lesser people as most of the tourists return home during this time. Also, the temperature of the sea gets warmer during this time.
Also, you should know about the best islands of Greece that have the best beaches happens to be Mykonos, Naxos, Crete, Paros, Ios, Milos etc. The most popular beach in Greece happens to be the Elafonissi Beach which is a gorgeous beach on Crete and if you are going to Greece with your family then St. Georges Beach on Naxos is a must visit for you. For the party lovers, the best beach is the Paradise Beach which is on Mykonos. For peace lovers, the best beach in Greece is the Plaka Beach which is on Naxos.
So, this was all that you would need to know before you plan a Greece trip because the better informed you are, the more fun you can have. We hope you have a wonderful stay in Greece that will add up to a lot of fun and some beautiful holiday memories to cherish forever.
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