Athens is not just the capital of Greece, in fact, it is one of the major tourist destinations that one needs to visit in a lifetime. Find the best of Greece in this glorious Athens as you find the best of cultural spots, galleries, cafes, movie theatre etc. Athens is a rightful blend of modern and ancient. Before visiting any place, it is great to know more about that place as you would get a fair idea of what’s actually in store for you at a particular place.

Best things to do in Athens on a holiday

Tour the enchanting Acropolis

Find some of the enchanting ancient buildings that actually define Athens, Acropolis is on the top of a rocky outcrop for 2,500 years, one would see the modern metropolis all around. Find some of the best architecture as well as the wonderful Greek infusion to everything. There is also the famous temple named ‘The Parthenon temple’ which is one of the most famous religious sites in Greece, other than that, the architecture of this temple is also worth marveling at.

Have the best food at Varvakios Agora

Find the best indoor and outdoor food market in Varvakios which is in the Monastiraki district that will totally win your heart. Find some of the best vendors who would be selling spices, fish, fruit, fresh meat, etc. This place will make you try the Greek delicacies that will totally win your heart.

Have an incredible movie experience at Cine Paris

Have the most incredible movie viewing experience as you enjoy watching a movie under the stars enjoying some of the most magical night view of the Acropolis. Have some beautiful time watching Greek, classic, foreign movies and even the latest Hollywood releases.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC)

Greenery would warm the cockles of your heart by the overwhelming Greek culture as you visit this engaging place with cafes, gardens, playgrounds, huge glass eco-minded complex, a manmade river, etc. This is a major tourist hotspot in Greece that will win your heart by its sheer magnificence.

The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens

This museum was reopened in 2016, and is one of the highly accomplished art places in the world. Find the best of exhibitions of art, painting, architecture etc that one would see here.

Museum of Cycladic Art

This is one of the grandest museums that one can visit in Athens that houses 3,000 artifacts of art- ancient Greek, Cycladic as well as Cypriot art. Find some of the best different shaped slender marble figurines as well as statues that were established sometime back in the Bronze Age. Also, one can witness Greek art collections in the museum such as figurines, vases, weapons etc.

Monastiraki Flea Market

Well, how can any trip ever be possibly completed without shopping? You can shop to your heart’s content while being in the famous Monastiraki Flea market, well, shopping is one of the best things to do in Athens or any otherplace for that matter. Visit this market on a Sunday when you would see the people laying out their blankets and selling stuff on them. One can have some of the best times being in the cafes enjoying the view of shoppers, this market will let you find some of the best gems such as the fur, clothing, jewelry, etc.

Have a stroll in Plaka

Plaka is one of the most gorgeous places that is set up in the Acropolis. Find the most engaging cafes and restaurants that will surely make up the summers of any tourist, This place is also a paradise for jewelry shoppers as one can find some of the best and classic gold jewelry in Plaka. Other than that, Plaka is so beautiful that one would be short of words to describe it.
Thus, these are some of the best places that one can enjoy while being in Athens that will totally lift up your spirits and guarantee you some good time as you enjoy your holidays in this land of culture and vibrance that will stay etched in your heart in years to come.
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