Got hitched? Good! Now what? Honeymoon obviously. Planning a honeymoon trip is actually done way before one plans for his wedding ceremony. Well, we won’t interrupt your planning process by landing you in any confusion. However, if Greece is in your mind, then the following juicy information might take your emotions to the next level.

Here is a compilation of the best places to visit in Greece for Honeymoon.

All set to pack your backs and get all lovey-dovey. Just keep on reading and take a call. Love filled moments are just a destination away.

1. Santorini

Greece is full of romantic spots. The entire country is romantic for that matter, but Santorini has its own appeal. It’s a place which can make your nuptial knots even stronger. The white heritage structures on the backdrop of blue ocean with bright Greek sun. What a sight it is!. A must visit place for the newlyweds. It won’t fail to satisfy your romantic cravings for sure.Staying options are ample and well within reach. Perfect place to lay back and enjoy the sunset. Santorini is the island which will always leave you mesmerized.

2. Nafplio

Nafplio is absolute romance. The place radiates of love. Love is really in the air here. No wonder its the preferred wedding spot for whoever can afford it. A perfect honeymoon spot. Its architecture and landscaping will surely leave you impressed. Cafe, waterfronts and neo-classical villas is what Naflio is all about. A perfect destination for holding hands and long evening strolls. The place is quiet and provides everything that a newly wed couple needs.

3. Monemvasia

If you are the one who feels that Santorini is a cliche for honeymooners. Try Monemvasia!. Comparatively a low key place. It’s quiet and peaceful. With its classical architecture, it has everything that a newly wed needs. This place has narrow streets and rich colors. The air is full of love and weather so romantic. A nice option to forge your bonds of love.

4. Spetses

Just two hours away from Athens. This island is all about laying back and gazing into each other’s eyes. Spetses has many boutique staying options, nice restaurants and secluded beaches. One can explore the adjoining areas and enjoy the much famed Greek sunset. Its also famous for horse carriage rides along the harbor.

5. Milos

Perfect for couples who are into wines. Although the name might not strike you, but Milos is famous for its wine making. The seaside village of Pollonia has small cottages which can be hired by honeymooners. They offer ample seaside view, moderate weather, and pretty hospitable local people. Indulge in local wine tasting sessions bask on the beaches. This place is really like heaven for new couples.

6. Amorgos

Perfect place for the practical couple. Weddings are tiring! One needs some relaxation afterward. Amorgos is one big Spa. Scuba diving, donkey riding clubbed with world-class spa’s are all there to calm your soul and churn some love. So if you are looking to relax, rejuvenate and get romantic all at the same time. Head towards Amorgos we say!
So here it is folks, The best places to visit in Greece for honeymoon. There are many more options available and we would be more than happy to serve you with some custom Greece honeymoon plans. All you have to do is ask!
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